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Villa S.a.s.

In the far 1950, Mr Villa started the production of armchairs and sofas, proposing as an artisan firm. The Villa S.a.s. remained the same till 1979, when it became an industry, mostly specializing in the production of bed-transforming armchairs.
Still today the final product is constructed with an artisan workmanship. A careful selection of the materials and the precision of the sartorial seams guarantee good quality products with a high duration in the time.
Our technical staff, always in search of lines and solutions, guarantees a product in accordance with the indications of the trade and the contemporary living, in order to satisfy all the customers' needs. A large variety of elements for compositions, functional solutions inspired to a contemporary life-style, minimum-encumbrance solutions and very high comfort, you can find all this in a Villa product.

The clients
Our stores know that our purpose is to pursue quality aims and that we can realize every kind of personalized solutions in order to satisfy space-needs.
We also work with known firms in our field of activity, with which we have on-behalf-of-a-third-party working relations, to which we offer all our experience to realize their models.

For further information contact us at this Email.